Hello! I'm so happy you're here! My name is Aniah and I built Shop Foemina during quarantine in summer 2020 with the help of family & friends. Shop Foemina isn't just a shop/brand - its a reminder and its a statement. We are entering a new era of supporting smaller, more sustainable businesses and spending smart. Big companies & corporations aren't only harmful for the environment, but also harmful for workers - disproportionately black & brown workers. Where your dollar goes has as much power as exercising your right to vote, if not more. With help from our lovely customers, Shop Foemina is able to use 20% of ALL sales/profits for donation purposes. Visit our donation page here.

Shop Foemina was founded on two things I am passionate about: creativity & activism. The first reason Shop Foemina grew into a brand was the need for an outlet for my creativity. I have always been passionate for all things concerning the arts. Because of Shop Foemina, I've been able to help others express their creativity through style & fashion, curate my dream jewelry collection, and create fun & quirky content for many others like me.

Activism, support for Black Lives Matter, and support for all human rights has always been close to my heart. However, my activism on social media never felt like enough. Now, at the age of 26, I am happy to finally say that because of Shop Foemina, I will be able to spread awareness more broadly, flow money into BIPOC funds and other charitable organizations more consistently, and help others make a difference as they shop with purpose!

Click here to learn about the charitable organizations we support and how your dollar is making a huge difference!



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